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Prophecy on the River

My Journey to Waitaha

by Judith Hoch
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In this vividly written memoir, Judith describes what happened when she and her husband struggled to restore newly-purchased New Zealand land to native forest. Faced with a challenging environment and hostile neighbours, Judith is surprised to find the degradation of the land is not just physical, but has spiritual and ancestral components that urgently need addressing. Guided by her Miami-based spiritual advisor, Ernesto Picardo, and working with her Waitaha Māori friend, Aroha Ropata, Judith connects to the spiritual forces she needs for her ecological efforts to succeed. This is a unique story that combines deeply personal encounters with the present and the past. A powerful, engaging read.

Judith, I am so enjoying your book. Love your story-telling style. It is really from your heart. It has me so captured I'm not looking forward to finishing it! … Grant
Reading now. Incredible, amazing, inspiring! … Janice.
I never read a book twice, but your book I will. I love your writing. … Sue
I'm really enjoying your book. I'm close to the last chapter but I don't want it to end. Wow! … Helene
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The lounging lizard poet of the floating world

poems / antipoems

Keith Hill
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Stop! Think about it.
Do you really want to do this?
There's still time to close the book
discretely return it to the shelf
and go back the way you came …

"New Zealand literature has no one like him. Always surprising, a genuine original." - Roger Horrocks
"There's real humour in places - something difficult to achieve in any writing. The collection offers an insightful and kaleidoscopic dissection of the modern world. It's an entertainingly timely invitation to wake up." - Hugh Major
Is this book ticking? - Receptionist, Ministry for Culture
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The Luminous Nun

Kerryn Levy
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While recovering in hospital from a collapsed lung, Kerryn Levy was unexpectedly visited by a nun who glowed from within. When the nun mysteriously disappeared, Kerryn needed to know who she was. Discovering the nun resembled an Italian saint from the eighteenth century, she found herself embarking on a life-changing odyssey of spiritual discovery.

A conversion to Catholicism was just the beginning of an extensive spiritual search by author, Kerryn Levy. In her elegantly crafted memoir, she employs Tarot cards as symbols which manifest in her spiritual and mystical practices. The Luminous Nun is a compelling and inspirational read which will open minds and doors.
— Joan Rosier-Jones, novelist, playwright, non-fiction writer, teacher
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The Lantern In The Skull

Hugh Major
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The Lantern In The Skull offers an engaging meditation on consciousness, that clear light that seemingly lives inside your head, stubbornly resisting materialistic explanations. Author Hugh Major provides a clearly written and well-informed study of the increasingly critical need to see beyond a simple clockwork model of reality.”
— Dean Radin PhD, chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, author of Entangled Minds and The Noetic Universe

Hugh Major provides a timely snapshot of current research into “marginal zones of the extraordinary”. In precise, jargon-free language, he indicates the territory being explored and outlines major directions researchers are travelling. There are numerous captivating, and surprising, discoveries along the way.
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People of the Earth

Peter Calvert, Richard Bentley, Carolyn Longden, Trisha Wren
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Peter Calvert and his colleagues have made an ambitious attempt to communicate with disembodied life forms. People of the Earth provides methods for tapping into the invisible universe and their outcome: conversations with possible deceased humans stuck between worlds, nature spirits, and entities of radically different intelligences from us. The fact that these dialogues are of varying clarity, alien credibility, and internal continuity is not as important as the acts of faith that generated them. The urgent truth is that we have to begin somewhere if we are going to explore tabooed portals, claim our place in the greater universe, and find the wisdom necessary to redeem our own world.

— Richard Grossinger,
author of The Night Sky: Soul and Cosmos and Bottoming Out the Universe: Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?