GUIDED HEALING by Peter Calvert

Guided Healing
This is a ground-breaking book that needs to be read by all seekers who wish to confront the spiritual basis of their own existence.

To spiritual seekers,
Guided Healing presents the spiritual purpose and benefits of being born into a physical body. Issues covered include the relationship between the spiritual and physical realms, the reason for incarnation, the use of meditation as a means of exploring the spiritual realm, and the significance of soul work.

To healers,
Guided Healing offers instruction on how to become a conduit for healing energy that emanates from the spiritual realm. Topics covered include how to contact guides in the spiritual realm, the nature of spiritual perception, and factors which enhance or hinder energy flow during the act of healing.

Using concepts drawn from science and contemporary culture, Guided Healing presents a vision of human spirituality appropriate for our times, as we progress into a rational appreciation of what being spiritual involves.